Why do I need a planner?
As weddings get bigger and our lives get busier, they have become quite a task to coordinate. Because we are experienced professionals, we can help you focus on the right details at the right time. Setting a timeline and help with your decisions makes planning your wedding a joy instead of a nightmare.

Your wedding day should be a happy one and all of your attention should be on your new spouse, not the wrinkles that may emerge along the way. Our planners are there to let you focus on each other and have fun with your guests.

You most certainly have ideas for your wedding. We will work with you to choose the best vendors and to use your budget the best way possible.
What do you do as a planner?
Our wedding planners work with you to coordinate all the details of your wedding day and make sure everything runs smoothly. We're there to advise you on numerous decisions, including your budget, vendors and location. You can hire us to be consultants on every step of your planning process or simply as a supervisor for your wedding day.

Just imagine how nice it will be to sip champagne with your bridesmaids and dance with your new husband while someone else checks the flowers, cues the band, mends your sister's hem and much more.
Can my budget afford a planner?
It most likely can. An Affair to Remember offers custom packages that let you choose the types of services you require. Optimizing your time and choosing quality vendors means your budget will be spent in smart, chic ways, and never wasted
Will it still be OUR wedding?
Of course. We believe very strongly that your wedding should always remain yours. We will be there to guide you, make recommendations and oversee numerous tasks. Our clients tell us time and again that the best part of working with An Affair to Remember is our ability to interpret your vision and make your wedding exactly what you've always hoped it would be.
What advice do you offer to couples?
Our best advice is to plan the wedding you've always dreamed of. Engaged couples are often asked, "What feeling do you want your guests to be left with?" A great wedding planner with work with you to make that happen. Our staff is there to ensure a cohesive feel for the entire event. From the invitations to the limos to the centerpieces, we will help help you realize a theme, color scheme and style.
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